Exciting Things for 2016!

2015 was a big year for us here at Unity Vibration and 2016 is going to be even bigger! We are now coast-to-coast-to-coast, spanning from Michigan to Texas, and California to New York! For the new year, a new beer! Start checking the shelves and ask your local sellers about our newest Kombucha beer: Elder Wand, a delicious brew made with elderberries, blackberries, and buckwheat! As always, still deliciously raw, paleo, gluten-free, and organically and locally sourced.

Then, right as the Michigan snows start rolling in, we’re rolling out our seasonal Kombucha tea, the ever-refreshing Cranberry Clementine–packed with Vitamin C to stave off the ravages of cold season.

We also have exciting things going on at the Triple Goddess Tasting Room! Our hours are now Thursday-Saturday 5-11pm, and we’ve got a bunch of events going on. You can check them out at our meetup group, meetup.com/TGTRevents. Kombucha club is back up and running, Adult coloring is a go, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for our First Friday Events, as well.

We are Growing and the Kombucha is Flowing!

Wow, we’ve been busy lately! Here are some of the highlights from the past few months:

We now have distribution in, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Florida, Washington, Oregon and California. Coming soon: Texas.

We have the Raspberry and Ginger Kombucha Beer available in kegs, distribution is currently limited to Michigan and Ohio. You can get it on tap at: One-Eyed Bettys in Ferndale, MI. More locations TBA soon.

Check out these lovely, hand-crafted tap handles, made by a local artisan.



We also have 2 new flavors of Kombucha Beer! Bourbon Peach American Wild Ale and K.P.A (Kombucha Pale Ale.) Check out the fancy new labels too! The label artwork was done by Treetown Murals, in Ann Arbor, MI. We love these new Kombucha Beers and hope you do too!

Bourbon Peach American Wild Ale, 7% abv, 750 ML bottles. This unique brew begins with our gluten-free, raw and vegan Kombucha Tea which is then bourbon barrel-aged with the addition of fresh, whole, organic peaches. Slightly sweet with subtle notes of bourbon.

K.P.A (Kombucha Pale Ale), 7% abv, 500 ML bottles. This hoppy brew starts off with our gluten-free, raw and vegan Kombucha Tea which is then bourbon barrel-aged. The best part is that we double-hop it and then blend it with a hint of juniper berries and grapefruit. You have to try this one!

Finally that brings us to our latest Seasonal Kombucha Tea Release, Cranberry-Clementine. Available in 750 ML bottles.  We begin with our gluten-free, raw and vegan Kombucha Tea, then we add fresh pressed Michigan cranberry juice and fresh pressed clementine juice. Slightly sweet and slightly tart.

Whew! We’d love for you to try all the fruits of our labor–let your local retailer know that you want them to carry our Kombucha Teas and Beers.

Thanks for all your support and we wish you all Love, Health and Possibility!

The Unity Vibration Brew Crew

Combating the Winter Blues: Unity Vibration Grapefruit Kombucha Tea to the Rescue!

Does the cold weather and grey skies have you feeling sluggish and longing for the sun? Citrus can help to boost your energy levels with Vitamin-C, which is also known to help fight off colds and other energy zapping viruses.

Our Grapefruit Kombucha Tea is a great alternative to boring OJ. We blend the freshly squeezed juice of ripe, in-season grapefruit with our healthful Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Kombucha Tea to create a refreshing and energizing beverage. We like to think of it as sunshine in a bottle! It’s available in both 12oz and 750ML sizes. If your local retailer does not carry it, ask them to!

Until the return of the sun you can do many things to keep your energy levels up: eat well, drink lots of water and delicious Kombucha Tea, exercise and get plenty of rest.

We wish you love, HEALTH and possibilty!

Unity Vibration Kombucha Tea + Mindo Chocolate Makers = A match made in heaven!

We are proud to announce that our new seasonal Kombucha Tea is hitting the shelves this week! Check out the list of delightful, local ingredients contained in this bottle:

Our Unity Vibration Xochiquetzal Kombucha Tea is made from our delicious Kombucha Tea, MIndo Chocolate Makers raw cacao powder, Michigan grown pumpkin & pepper juices,  and raw Michigan honey & spices. This unique blend is smooth and spicy, creating a warming feeling that spreads from your tummy to your toes. As always this brew is Gluten Free, Raw and Vegan. It’s a great way to treat yourself to a little chocolate indulgence without overdoing it!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you Love, Health & Possibility in the New Year!

West Coast Kombucha Love!

This past week Tarek took a trip to the Bay area and found all kinds of love for Unity Vibration Kombucha Teas and Beers. Here are the Triple Goddess Raspberry Kombucha Beer and the Triple Goddess Ginger Kombucha Beer chilling on the shelf at The Berkley Bowl Market.

 New Leaf Marketplace in Half Moon Bay was also showing the love.

As we expand into new markets we will be updating our site with retailers, restaurants and bars that carry our delightful, Gluten-Free, Raw and Vegan Kombucha Teas and Beers. Stay tuned for further news!

Happy Holidays and we wish you all Love, Health and Possibility!