Combating the Winter Blues: Unity Vibration Grapefruit Kombucha Tea to the Rescue!

Does the cold weather and grey skies have you feeling sluggish and longing for the sun? Citrus can help to boost your energy levels with Vitamin-C, which is also known to help fight off colds and other energy zapping viruses.

Our Grapefruit Kombucha Tea is a great alternative to boring OJ. We blend the freshly squeezed juice of ripe, in-season grapefruit with our healthful Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Kombucha Tea to create a refreshing and¬†energizing¬†beverage. We like to think of it as sunshine in a bottle! It’s available in both 12oz and 750ML sizes. If your local retailer does not carry it, ask them to!

Until the return of the sun you can do many things to keep your energy levels up: eat well, drink lots of water and delicious Kombucha Tea, exercise and get plenty of rest.

We wish you love, HEALTH and possibilty!

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