Feeling the Kombucha Love for V-Day

Tired of running around trying to find the “perfect” V-Day gift or plan the “perfect” V-Day date? Keep it simple! Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love! Instead of wasting valuable time and energy trying to get it “perfect” spend that time with your loved one-relaxing! A quiet night at home with good food, good music and of course, something sweet is all you need to create a meaningful and relaxing V-Day experience.

Did you know that our Triple Goddess Raspberry Kombucha Beer pairs beautifully with chocolate? We prefer high-quality, dark chocolate from our friends at Mindo Chocolate Makers.

Champagne is so…tired. Try our Triple Goddess Raspberry Kombucha Beer. It is refreshingly modern with a subtle hint of sweetness and of course it’s bubbly!

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