Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea

We brew our Kombucha traditionally and do not de-alcoholize or alter it in any way. Therefore it contains more than the legal limit of 0.5% alcohol by volume and you must be 21 to drink it.  It is a lightly alcoholic Kombucha Tea and generally contains between 1-1.5% ABV.

kombucha tea

Our Kombucha is Premium, Hand-made and Artisan Brewed. We brew each batch lovingly by hand and infuse it with healthy, fresh and organic ingredients as well as sacred sound vibrations. Our Kombucha contains 8% raw organic fruit juice per bottle (flavored varieties) which is more than competitors. We hope you feel all the bliss we put into our drink as you taste it! All of our Kombucha drinks are raw and living, unpasteurized and naturally fermented.

We offer 14 unique and delicious flavors in both 12oz single-serving and a larger 25oz size.

Our Kombuchas generally pair well with: dark chocolate, savory and salty meals, desserts, cheese, and summer fruit.

UVLKT Plain Flavor

Just our Kombucha nothing more! Delicious, healthy and satisfying.  It is anything but ‘plain’!


Our most popular flavor, uplifting, sweet, zinging and energizing!


A unique flavor combination, zesty and tasty. A true original!


Delicious and with a beautiful color. Full of healthy antioxidants, vitamins & minerals!


A favorite with all people. Sour and sparkly, full of bioflavonoids!

Cold-Brew Coffee

Organic cold brewed coffee (in-house) blended with our kombucha tea.  Delicious with creamy, mocha, vanilla notes.  Contains 86mg of naturally occurring caffeine.  A great way to begin your day if you happen to be a coffee drinker!

Hops Tea

Unique and delicious:  a sessionable kombucha reminiscent of an IPA but without all the alcohol.  Made with organic Michigan cascade and crystal hops.  A nice, relaxing way to end your day!

Strawberry-Vanilla, Green Lemonade, Apple Thyme:

Coming soon!


We also offer four seasonal flavors made with local Michigan fruit:



Peachtree Holler

Peach infused with Basil