The Perfect Fall Kombucha Tea Flavor

As we come to the onset of chillier weather, thoughts of delicious holiday beverages come to mind. Something about the marriage of fruit and spices evokes a sense of cold weather, warm fires and the holiday season. Traditionally one might dream of eggnog, hot chocolate or mulled cider. I am all for bucking tradition, though, and exploring new and exciting beverages. The Unity Vibration Mint Pear Kombucha Tea is one of my new favorite traditions. We use locally grown mint from our friends at Tantre Farms  and the juices of fresh pears. The delicate balance of the pear and mint is offset by the slight effervescence of the Kombucha Tea. For those of you that prefer a little naughty with your nice you might consider adding a wee bit of light rum or vanilla-infused vodka to your Kombucha Tea. One part booze and 2 parts Pear Mint Kombucha Tea seems to be the best ratio. It is easy to make your own fancy vanilla-infused vodka–just soak a spilt vanilla bean or two in a mason jar of vodka for 3-5 days and, voila! Delicious artisan vodka! I tried this over the weekend and it is going to be my go-to holiday beverage. Just mix, pour into a fancy glass, garnish with a mint sprig and let the party start. Cheers!

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