West Coast Kombucha Love!

This past week Tarek took a trip to the Bay area and found all kinds of love for Unity Vibration Kombucha Teas and Beers. Here are the Triple Goddess Raspberry Kombucha Beer and the Triple Goddess Ginger Kombucha Beer chilling on the shelf at The Berkley Bowl Market.

 New Leaf Marketplace in Half Moon Bay was also showing the love.

As we expand into new markets we will be updating our site with retailers, restaurants and bars that carry our delightful, Gluten-Free, Raw and Vegan Kombucha Teas and Beers. Stay tuned for further news!

Happy Holidays and we wish you all Love, Health and Possibility!

One thought on “West Coast Kombucha Love!

  1. My daughter is living in the Bay working for Teach for America. She loves your KOMBUCHA and every time she comes home it is a first stop. I can’t wait until she calls tonight!!! She shops pretty much every Sunday at the Berkley Bowl. She is going to be so happy.

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